Sunday, September 4, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...8/29/2011

Well, this week was good.  A little different, we didn´t really have any huge miracles like the previous 2 weeks, but it was still a good week.  I learned how to drive a stick shift on the streets of Covilhã, these streets are tiny and scary, but it was fun.  Today is transfer day, so we got transfer calls this morning.  Well, Elder Hatch is going way up north to Viana do Castelo and he will serve with Elder Park, my MTC companion.  He is excited, but sad to leave this area.  I will never forget the miracles we saw together.  But as for me and transfers, I am staying here in Covilhã and I will be getting 2 new companions tomorrow.  We´re gonna be a "tripla".  It is so perfect for this area.  Literally, it was so inspired to have 3 missionaries here.  It will work so good.  I am getting Elder Ells, he is from Orem and he is cool.  He was in my district when I was in Matosinhos.  And I will be getting Elder Dias.  He is from Porto, a native, and has been in the office serving, but he is way cool too.  So, yeah I am excited and ready to get back to work and go find some more pizeeples.  Oh yeah, something else really cool too is that Elder Pilz will be my Zone leader, so I will be seeing him reguarly, I was excited to learn that.   But it was a good week -- a little different.  I like the crazy miracle weeks better, so that´s what we are going to be doing here, all 3 of us.  I really am excited to be a tripla, I never was fond of the idea, but it is so perfect for Covilhã in so many ways.  Sounds like everyone is doing good and back in school.  Well I love you all and hope everything is going well.  Até próxima, beijinhos.

Elder Peacock

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