Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...2/13/2012

This week was a pretty good week.  Ashley told me a little bit about BY and Adam Bangerter, they are both home already.  And Dirt should come home in like June or something.  That is sweet that Braedon comes home this week.  Have I lost weight?  Good question, I don´t know, last time I stood on a scale it said 158, fully dressed.  I don´t know if that was accurate, because that would mean 7 pounds less then when I started the mission.  I don´t feel fat, but it´s just a loss of all the muscle disappearing.  But, Paula and Joaquim had a good wedding.  It was fun, they liked it and the members liked it, too.  They are so funny, they were like next we have to go to the temple and Joaquim will receive the priesthood this next Sunday.

Happy Birthday MOM!!  What are you going to do?  Are you excited?  That will be cool to go to that conference for work.  How is work going?  When you say that WE are going to the temple, you just mean you and grandma?  How come you haven´t been in so long?  Well, we came to do internet early so I still haven´t heard anything about transfers, if I hear something while I'm here I will say something.  But, I love you and hope everything goes good this week.  I love you!

Elder Peacock

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