Sunday, April 29, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...4/23/2012

Alejandro's baptism

Well, this week was a good week.  It rained every day, literally...but I guess it´s okay, it was really needed.  Well, this week was the date for Alejandro to be baptized and everything went very well.  We baptized him.  It was a great experience.  Afterwards, he was like, "ah, I feel lighter now."  It was awesome and the we had a good little party afterwards and so on.  I got to give a talk in church also... a 20 minute talk, because the other speaker didn´t make it because she got sick.  Well, I liked it, I thought I sounded relatively calm and relaxed I had to look down and read a lot, but that´s what happens when you only have an hour and a half the Saturday night before to prepare.  I talked about a search for true and lasting happiness, which obviously only comes through Jesus Christ, I used some scriptues that I really like.  Alma 41: 10-11 and Helaman 13:38 read ´em.   Yeah, Mothers Day is approaching and it´s already time to talk again.  I feel like that just happened.  Well, things are going good and I hope they are back there too.  I love you guys.

Elder Peacock

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