Friday, July 13, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...6/18/2012

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  I love you.  How was your week??  Mine was sweet, it was actually my last week in Tomar.  I GOT TRANSFERED!!  I am going to Costa da Caparica, it is the other side of the river from Lisboa.  It is going to be sweet...I am so stoked.  I am going to miss Tomar, but I am so happy.  I wanted to go more south and see more places.  Oh, I am going to be serving with Elder Barr.  He is from my MTC district.  He is great, and I always thought that I was going to serve with him.  Now I cannot even remember what all happened this week.  It was a good week though :) That is awesome about Zack´s game, I am so excited for him.  And Caden, too.  He is so awesome and more manly than me.  What position has he been playing and how does a 7 on 7 work?  How was Fathers Day?  Did you guys do something special?  I don´t want to be 21 though.  HELLO COSTA DA CAPARICA!
I love you,
Eler Peacock

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