Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...7/23/2012

Hey Mom, we had a good week.  Caden finally emailed me, what a pleasant surprise.  Well, we had a super cool lesson with Rui and the stake president here, it went really, really well.  We ate a ton of food, I am still full.  How is everybody else doing?  That is awesome that Trent is home, time passes so fast.  Today we went to the mall and I bought some really cool ties, I got a really good deal. They were on sale, buy two get one free, but when I got up there the lady was like, "special" and gave me buy one get two free.  She said that it was right.  I am finally in a place that has a mall and they have summer sales right now, so that´s great ;) well anything else cool going on back home?  Hope you guys are great.  Oh yeah, we found a lady from South Africa and she speaks English, so we taught her in English, it was so hard.  But it was a super good lesson, and at first she didn´t really even want to talk. I love you, have a good week.

Elder Peacock

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