Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...8/20/2012

We are doing pretty well.  We had a good week.  We have a new missionary couple that are going to be here working with us in our area, so that will be pretty cool and help the work move forward.  Also, here in 2 weeks we will have a conference with Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorom of the Twelve.  And a number of other members of the Quorum of the 70, such as Elder Rasband, Elder Teixeira, Elder Richards, and Bishop Caussé, so that will be awesome.  I am pretty stoked for that.  Sounds like everyone is doing really well, summer went pretty fast, back to school.  Caden looked good, that is a funny shirt.  Thanks for the money btw.  Well tell everyone that I love them and wish them luck with school.  And good job for Zack with scouts.  And Cameron with the broken window, welcome to the club of CCWB (Club of Classy Window Breakers). How is dad doing?  How is work?  I love you have a good week.  Everyone and MOM :)

Elder Peacock

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