Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Well, this week was pretty good. We were pretty busy and running around a lot. We finally got some people to come to church and it was great. We had a lot of people there, so it was awesome. It was a good Sunday. I was feeling pretty sick though because Saturday we got fed dinner twice. Oh, I ate so much, it was good though. One of the meals was tripe? intestines, it is really popular here in Porto, it has a cool story, too. But it was a good week and this week will be really good, too. We have some cool things lined up for this week. We are going to visit some cool people.
That is pretty sad about everybody getting sick, sounds like an interesting Thanksgiving. Make sure you get rid of all the sickness, I don´t want to get sick. How are the Jazz doing? Sounds good, I can´t wait. Well, this week will be really good and I am going enjoy it to the fullest. I love PORTUGAL. I am so grateful the Lord called me to this part of His wonderful vineyard. I love you, um so i will see you next week. Airport, 2 pm. Don´t be late, haha jk, see you soon!!

For the last time ELDER PEACOCK!!!


  1. Oh man ! Peococks are the most beautiful creatures for sure. I have always adored these creations of God and think that they are a great source of aesthetic beauty. Beautiful!!


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