Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Letter from Elder Peacock...11/12/12

Well, this week was good. We found out right away that Obama won the election because as soon as we left the house that day like 4 people told us. It was kind of annoying because that's all they wanted to talk about. Well, I got another phone call from Elder Wilson this Saturday and Rui got baptized. It was so cool. I was really excited that Rui got baptized and now he will be getting married in 2 weeks. We had a good week here too, Maria José is progressing really well. Still reading the Book of Mormon a lot and we taught her the Word of Wisdom last Thursday, and since then she has stopped drinking wine, coffee and stopped smoking. It was really great, and she is always in such a good mood. A new young family also moved into the ward here in Gaia, which is very nice because this ward has a lot of old people. Maria José is marked for baptism for this Saturday so that is our focus for this week and what we will be praying for. It has been really cold here and rains everyday so that is always fun. But everything is going great.

You said you were going to put some money in my account, if you could put like $53 that would be great because that way I can take out 40 euros because of the ATM. thanks. People to be there when I get home? I have already talked to Daniel and he said he is coming up for sure. That would be cool if Trent could come, but he it's a long ways away for him. And just everybody in general. That chain thing is funny. Have you talked to the stake president at all? So that we can go like right to him asap, you know? That is really cool that Elder Hallstrom came to church there. He is really cool. Well I hope you guys have a great week. I love you!

Elder Peacock

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  1. An average post. The blog consist of a letter. I dont like to read such letters which are sent to someone. Letters should be private whether they are confidential or not. Keep them private


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