Friday, January 28, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...1/28/11

Well, it sounds like all is going well with the family. I'm doing really well -- still loving the MTC and still doing the same thing everyday. Portuguese is coming really well. I learn more and more each day. There truly is no other place that I would rather be! This is already turning into the greatest thing I have ever done and I haven't even made it out of the MTC yet! I cannot wait for Portugal! Our 2 teachers always tell us so many awesome stories about their missions and experiences there. I want to be there so bad -- ha, and trust me, I know that I only have 25 more days til I get there.

Cameron- I love you Cameron, you really are the greatest and I love hearing about your prayers and testimonies. Thank you for always praying for me and I want you to know I pray for you everyday, too. I love and miss you so much! And yeah, I will have compassion for you and I will help you clean your room when it gets too messy :)

I know everything will work out for the best with dad's interviews. We just need to have faith and trust in Heavenly Father and know that he loves us and wants what best for us. He truly does know more than us and we just need to trust Him.

When you have FHE and have people write their things send it to me in a dear elder or a called2serve email/letter so I don't have to wait for my next P-day to read it. I've heard about the BYU basketball team and they are doing way good. Jimmer is so good! Let me know how the Jazz are doing, and more importantly D-Will.

But I'm doing good -- never been better. I started the Book of Mormon a few weeks ago and I should be finishing it within the next 12 days or so. It's so good and I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I love reading it and learning from it. I know we have always tried to read the Book of Mormon on a regular basis, but I think you should pick a certain time and everyday read it at that time, and I know you will receive many blessings and comfort for reading it.

I love you all so very much and hope you are doing well.

With Love,

Elder Peacock


  1. I wrote the greatest comment, Elder Peacock, but I forgot to post it (didn't read the prompts); and now I don't remember what I wrote (senior moment, what can I say?). Anyway, I loved reading your letter, and am thrilled that you are doing so well. I am writing this during a Jazz game with the pesky Timberwolves -- 3rd quarter, score is tied at 66. After their 6 game losing streak, I hope they get it together before the end of the game. Anyway, keep reading the Book of Mormon and mastering the language. You are a natural!! I read a chapter in the Book of Mormon each night before I go to bed -- even if I think I am too tired, I find myself reaching for the Book, because I have discovered it is a habit now, and I need a spiritual "fix" before my prayers, and my head hits the pillow! Love you, Elder, more than I can say!

  2. Wow...seeing those pictures of MTC brings back lots of memories. Glad you're having a blast!

    Love, Uncle Rick


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