Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Pics from Elder Peacock

Excited to be at the temple

Elder Peacock and Elder Park

The District

Pretty pic of temple grounds and beyond

...The field is white...

Before the haircut...

After...gee Elder -- the facial expression is about the same :)

Herois do mar?

Herois do mar?!?!?!?! (Heroes of the sea)

Santa gnome? awww...


...Another view of the classroom

View from classroom

P Day = Laundry Day

he he...He'll be right back...

In Narnia -- Be right back

Nice tent -- looks like there's enough room for two.

What missionaries do on P Day.  A few necessities...
A gnome, ritz crackers, spray cheese and reading material.
"Did you need something?"

Cameron would be proud!
I love that the only thing holding the tent together is the missionary tag...

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