Friday, January 7, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...1/7/2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!!! Sorry that it is like 2 days late, but I hope you had a good birthday and I love you. That's funny that you were all excited for the waiters/waitresses to sing to you for your birthday at Pirate Island Pizza. And I loved the story about you getting up and bearing your testimony on fast sunday. That was so awesome, plus you did it so well, too!

Caden/Zack- How is everything going? I'm sure your lives consist of school and COD-BO right now, so I presume you are pretty busy. Hopefully you find time to watch the Jazz games and cheer a little extra for me :) That's cool that Caden got a gun for his birthday from Dad. Zack, you should just ask for like Dad's .308 or something, just shoot big. Haha, that was like a little pun.

Brigham- How is your byu football treating you? How's school going?

I'm doing good - nothing ever really changes from day to day. I pretty much do the same thing everyday. The language is still coming good and I'm getting better each day. I learned something really cool this week about Jesus Christ. I learned that in Mark 14 at the end of the chapter, when Christ says that He will destroy this temple and rebuild it in just 3 days, and no one believed He could do it and everyone wanted Him to prove that He was the Christ. Well, I learned that when He said that He really meant He would sacrifice his own body and it would be destroyed. And as for the being rebuilt in 3 days, that was how long it took for Him to be resurrected. I thought this was really cool and I had never realized it before. I am so thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ and everything he has done for us, and I am so thankful that He provided a way for us to return to heaven so we can be an eternal family.

But I hope everybody is doing well and I love you all very much. Write me more of the letters during the week cause I like those :)

With Love,
Elder Peacock

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