Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Church is True! Letter from Elder Peacock...3/6/2011

Sounds like everything is going good.  I'm glad Caden can start driving and stuff.  It's probably best just to send mail to the mission home, especially any packages.  But I'm doing so good Portugal is so sick!  It's the greatest!  Ha, I love the ward here in Matosinhos -- the people are the greatest!  Every single one of them is so awesome.  Last Sunday was fast sunday, and in sacrament there was like five minutes left  and one of the older brothers in the ward leans over to me and tells me to go up, and all the sudden I just start walking up there without really realizing it.  But I bore my testimony and it went well and everybody was so nice and they all told me, "oh you did so good" and "you are speaking so well".  But then when I sat back down the same brother (he eats cough drops all the time just like they are candy) leans over again nods his head says, "good job" and hands me a cough drop.  Haha, it was so funny!  Oh, man this ward is so awesome, everybody is so sweet.  We have been getting fed a lot, which is awesome cause the food is so good.  And people here LOVE Jell-o.  We literally have it after every meal -- it's so funny.  But the language is coming better.  I learn so much every single day and my understanding has gotten better in just this last week.  One of my favorite members in the ward is Jorge; he is from Cape Verde and he is a "big" African man.  He used to be an architect and he was pretty wealthy and was married and has a daughter.  But about 3 years ago he had a massive stroke and lost everything.  He forgot how to talk... he forgot how to walk... he lost his job because he lost all his knowledge and skills, and his wife left him and took everything... all the money, the house, all of their stuff and his daughter and moved away and pretty much just left him to fend for himself.   But about 10 months ago he came in contact with the Missionaries and he started to have desires and ambitions again.  He eventually wanted to learn to walk again and he did.  And as he said, the missionaries "changed his life and helped him find it again".  Last September, he was baptized and today we walks about 8 miles every Sunday to get to church and he walks everywhere he goes, and he is always willing to help us so much more than he needs to.  He is just awesome and one of the nicest friendliest people you could ever meet and he is an amazing missionary because he is always bringing people to church and finding people for us to teach.  But I hope all is well.  I love you all and miss you very much.  Stay safe!


Elder Peacock

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