Sunday, March 20, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...3/14/2011

Portugal is great -- it's been raining for like the last 3 days, but I guess that is just typical.  But it has still been pretty warm.  That's so cool that Quinten showed up at the house!  He goes into the MTC in like 2 days.  Oh, we have been working pretty hard and we walk quite a bit everyday.  I´ve got to kick the soccer ball around a little bit and today we went and played basketball.  But me and Elder Pilz are doing good and I am getting to know all the other elders really good, they are all really cool.  Last week we had training for 2 days in a row so we all spent 2 days together and I got to see everybody from my district in the MTC and it was awesome!  I heard about the earthquake sismo in portuguese and that is crazy and sad to hear.  We have seen lots of news reports and stuff and it looks bad and everything is all torn up.  This last week went by so fast -- it seems like I was just emailing.  Ha - there is this one guy in the ward, he is technically an investigator cause he still needs to get baptized, but he has to wait for some paperwork stuff that should happen anyday and than he will get baptized.  But his name is Sergio and he is a huge sports fan and we always go have dinner with him on Tuesday nights and people here always ALWAYS have the TV on. They mute it for the prayer and then turn it up.  It's sweet, so he always has soccer on and everbody here loves soccer -- it's so awesome.  But last week there was no soccer game, so he just looks at me and says "olha" meaning look or like check it out, and I look at the TV and he turned on NBATV and we watched the Heat andthe Trailblazers, and then it showed a ton of hightlights.  Haha... it was so cool and he knows I'm from Utah and everytime they would show the Jazz he would be like "olha, olha"... so cool.

But, I'm doing good and I love it here and I love the people and the food is so good and the pastelarias (bakery) are so good and cheap.  I love you all.


Elder Peacock

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