Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...3/21/2011

This last week was really good and it literally flew by. All of a sudden we just found and met tons of new people to teach. We had two that we are really consistantly teaching, and after this last week we have a potential of 10 -- it was insane and so awesome to just see the miracles. We met some really awesome people and now we just need to teach them and help gain testimonies. I really like it here it Matosinhos it is such a nice place, and this last Friday we were walking to a members house and we were walking along the road right by the beach during the sunset.....oh man, it was so sweet and I took some sweet pictures. Yesterday we had some interesting food.....pig ears and pig feet. It was.....different. The ears were nice and crunchy and full of cartilage. At first, they looked uber gross (yeah they did) because they still had the skin on them and had hair, too, but it just tasted like a cooked ham with a weird texture. It was definitely an experience :) But things are going great and we are just meeting lots of great people. I heard BYU is doing good in the tournament. Ha, and yesterday one of the members asked me what March Madness was.....it was pretty funny. But everything is going really well. Tell everyone to write me in an email. I love you all!


Elder Peacock

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