Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictures from Portugal!

I am so excited!!!  I found pictures of Skyer on the Porto Mission's blog (link to blog)!!!  The pictures were taken by the mission president's wife, Sister Walton.  I kept watching for Sis. Walton to update the blog with pictures of the newest arrivals, then BLAM!  I saw these pictures.  So here they are (complete with captions from Sis. Walton)!  Enjoy ;)

"This might be the biggest group that we've every gotten from the MTC. Our newest greenies include Elders Barr, Nielson, Uttech, Park, Wheatly, Carpenter, Peacock, Markham and the elusive Elder Rowley."

"What a great group and a powerhouse of leaders that include Elders Markham, Barr, Uttech, Peacock, Carpenter, Nielson, Wheatley, Park and Rowley. These nine missionaries arrived in February and they couldn't be more prepared and more ready to serve!  We don't know what the MTC is doing now days, but they are sending us some wonderful missionaries!"

Trainers and Greenies: "This is one large group of new missionaries with their trainers. 
Now off you go to get to work, find the elect and learn the language!"

 "Usually we do orientation of the new missionaries at the mission home, but this group was so large that we walked over to the Antas chapel so we could all fit."

Looky, looky...who's that in the window?
"Elder Peacock promised his mom that he would take pictures of everything.
He even took a picture out the window of the "hotel" at the mission home." 
(awww, how sweet! ♥ glad to hear he is listening to his mother....)

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