Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...6/6/2011

I had a really good week.  Everything is going good.  The language is getting a lot better and I am getting more confident.  This last week was really good.  We worked really hard and got an awesome new investigator as a reference from a member.  We just did the usual stuff this last week, but it was good.  I included some sweeet pictures.  It´s getting really hot here and I am getting an awesome tan on my neck and arms, it looks really good.  How is everybody doing?  I am sure the brothers love being out of school finally.  Try and have everybody write me something in the next email if you could, that would be really nice and I would really enjoy it (hint, hint).  I can`t beleive it is already June, it`s pretty crazy.  But, let me know how everybody is doing and just type as much stuff as you can even if it is way random just tell me what everybody is up too.  Where is Ben at now that he is done with school and everything he had to do?  Have a good week and I love you!  


Elder Peacock
This one is for Caden!

Oh, me lucky charms...

Pray for us!  PLEASE....WE BEG YOU!!!

Super Sweet Sunset

Missionary work makes me thirsty!

Um, really not sure what he was thinking in this picture... :)

Picture from across the Duoro River

Elder Peacock loves to see a fellow family member

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