Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...7/18/2011

Well I got a phone call this morning from the assistants.  And I am getting shipped out of Matosinhos.  I was waiting so long for the phone call, it took forever!  But it finally came.  I am going to Covilhã -- it is down in the middle of the country.  Get companion is going to be Elder Hatch!  My junior year he went to Pine View, and then my senior year he went to Desert Hills, so we know each other pretty well.  I am way excited.  I kind of knew I was getting transferred, but had no idea where, but I am way stoked!  We had a baptism yesterday for Tiago, it went pretty well.  It was a lot of fun and felt good!  Elder Wheatley is staying here in Matosinhos and getting an Elder from way down south.  Matosinhos was great, but it´s on to the next one.  And we have another baptism coming up here on July 30 in Matosinhos, for Kaísa, she is way cool.

Sounds like you had a nice week. Let me know how dads interviews go.  Be sure and take some pictures of the cabin, thats sounds like a lot of fun. What activities do you guys have planned?  I am way excited for Covilhã, I leave tomorrow morning to go there.  I think I go by bus and it´s like 5 hours or something.  I was looking at pictures and it´s kind of up in the mountains, it is going to be awesome.  It is a really small branch to because they just barely opened up this area about 2 transfers back, gonna be a lot of work to do.  Having my last dinner tonight with the Rissi family.  But I hope you guys have a good and fun week.  Let me know how everything goes.

Love You,
Elder Peacock

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