Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...7/11/2011

How are things back home?  How is Utah?  Anything exciting happening there?  How is work going? This last week for us was really good.  We felt really good and inspired after the two days of conference that we had.  This last week was one of the best so far.  We found NINE new investigators this week, previously two was the most we had found.  And this last week we taught the most lessons of all the weeks yet.  It was good.  One thing that we started doing was praying more, a lot more.  We had been working hard but once we started asking for more guidance and where to go to find the people we need to find, it started happening.  Next monday is a transfer day, there is a good chance I am leaving Matosinhos and headed down south, but we will just have to see. 

Next sunday we have a baptism, I am pretty excited.  Two children of a less active member that is now active again and one of the greatest members we have.  Since she started coming back to church, she has brought three people (more than the rest of the WARD) and now her kids are getting baptized -- great lady.  But I am doing good and I hope you and everybody else are too.  I love you!

Elder Peacock

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