Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...8/16/2011

Well, well, well.  I believe I told you last week about how good of a week we had and how blessed we were.  It was an incredible week, but it was topped.  I told you about Junior and Handiara, so Junior went to Brasil on August 10, so we went over the night before to kind of say good bye to him and have a little lesson because he isn´t coming back.  So we got there had a really good lesson taught the Plan of Salvation and these people are what we in the business call "GOLDEN".  At the end of the lesson Elder Hatch pulled out these 2 calendars and said, "Alright, we are going to receive some revelation from God and see what days He has planned for you two to be baptized."  So we prayed with them a lot, and Junior was first, we received September 3.  So he is preparing to be baptized on that day in Brasil.  Then we prayed with Handiara, and we sat there for a minute and then I looked at her and said "What do you feel?" She replied, "I know this is going to be hard, but I know it´s from God, the 13th --of August!!!" From that night, (which was August 9) to Saturday 13th, we only had four days and a lot to do.  Plus it was already a really hard week for her because Junior was leaving and she didn´t know when she was going to see him again.  But we all knew that that answer came from God.  So we knew it was going to happen, come what may.  So we had a couple of days of battling, had to put on the gloves and go a couple rounds with the adversary, but the work of the Lord will not be impeded.  So the night before the baptism we still had to teach the commandments, and there are 3 really big ones, law of chastity, tithing, and word of wisdom and we usually try and not do them all in one lesson, but we had to.  But, as I have stated this lady is an absolute angel.  We taught tithing, and she said, "I have always wanted to pay tithing" ;) We taught law of chastity and she replied, "I will live the law of chastity" ;) We taught the word of wisdom and she had to quit smoking, so we prayed a lot and she commited to stop.  The next day we had a lesson with her to follow up on everything and smoking and she told us how she needed an answer from God the night before, so she started searching in the Book of Mormon and she got her answer.  She shared the scripture with us and said, "I'm never going to smoke again, never."  Such a miracle!  So this was Saturday the 13th, oh the day of her baptism, we ran all over all day getting everything prepared.  The Lord blessed us and this was the day that He chose, because if it had been us, this baptism would not have happened.  So Saturday night at 6, we had a baptism in an area that had been shut for years, the second baptism in 15 years!  Oh yeah, I don´t know if you realized this part....we found them on the 5th of August and she was baptized on the 13th...that is wait - wait - wait...8...yeah -- 8 days!  A phrase in Portuguese says "Que Milagre" meaning what a miracle!  It was such an incredible week.  Easily the biggest miracle of my mission and of my life!
Yeah just send the stuff to the Lisboa adress, it will get there.  Sounds like everybody is doing good back home.  I was glad to hear from everyone.  Have a great week.  Make sure you send me some pictures of the family.  I love you!
Elder Peacock

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