Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...8/8/2011

This week was what we call uma semana cheia dos milagres...quer dizer -- we had a week full of miracles!  It was pretty awesome.  This week we needed people to teach and we needed to find them.  So we started going over all the best ways to find new people and more people.  What worked the best was we prayed and prayed and asked where we needed to go to find the people that the Lord has prepared and where the people are we need to find.  So we prayed and we felt really good about this spot.  So we went there and knocked five whole buildings and talked to a whopping two people with no desire to talk to us.  So it was lunch time and we thought let´s go get some food, and as we were walking we saw a building with the door open so we could get in and talk to the people at their front doors.  So we took this as a sign and went running in.  We found a huge family front the Ivory Coast and they were so nice and as sad as it is they were the first people to actually let me into their house and mark a time to come back, first in my mission.  We found two other people in that same building that did the same.  Easily the best building I have knocked to this day!  Oh, then a couple days later we found these people called "eleitos" meaning elects ;) and wow these people are awesome, we rang their door bell thing from outside and did our little thing when he answered, then he said can you come back at 7?  We were like sure and did not really thing much of it, but 7 came and we returned to find Junior and his wife Handiara, they are from Brasil.  We taught the restoration and they accepted baptism!  Then they came to church on Sunday too, I will keep you updated on them because they have a super busy week ahead and big decisons.  But the Lord´s will, will be done.  Then, the other night we went to visit this family we found, the dad of this family is so friendly it´s crazy.  I love that guy, he talks a lot, and he´s way smart.  But the night we went to visit them the dad found this guy in the neighborhood and invited him over, because he is friendly.  So we meet this guy for the first time he kind of argues with us about the sacrament and he had no idea what we were saying but we just say, hey, maybe we can come visit you tomorrow and share a message with you.  So we did, his name is Fábio, also from Brasil.  We get to his house, way nice let´s us in and we start talking and getting to know him.  He has gone through a lot, but we eventually teach the restoration and slap him in the face with the Spirit.  But there is something about this guy, he is very spiritual and an amazing person.  He told us all he wants is a family, he doesn´t care about money, he said he doesn´t need to be in Portugal but he is just here cause he feels he needs to be and he is looking for answers.  We talked about Tithing and the Law of Chastity in the first visit with him, and he basically accepted both.  He is probably the most prepared person I have met yet...eleito.  But clearly it was a good week, we found lots of people, with the Lords help.

I am glad everything worked out.  Cedar Hills is a good spot ;) But we did our part and the Lord did His.  Started over reading the Book of Mormon again this week and as I thought about you guys and possibly moving I was reading about Lehi´s family and them leaving everything, thanks to Nephi´s golden example, we know it was the Lord´s will when everybody else murmured.  Even when Sariah (I don´t know how to spell her name in english)...but even when she complained to Lehi, he said that he wouldn´t have left everthing if he was not commanded of God in a vision -- by GOD.  Faith and trust in the Lord.

The t-shirt hopefully it´s big enough, if possible try and get a large, I need it a little bigger, I´m not fat, but medium doesn´t work.  NBA lockout=lame.´s a good year for it :) Well I love you all.  Have a good week.  I would like to hear from Caden, Zack, Brigham, and Cameron soon.

Elder Peacock

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