Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...9/19/2011

Well another good week as usual.  Highlights of the week...UTAH UTES 54 vs. bywho 10.  Well, yeah that´s pretty much it for me.  Love you bye.....

HAHA just joking, but really sounded like a game for the ages.  I thought BYU would win for sure, but enough of that.  Real highlights of the week...54-10...Presidente Torgan came and visited Covilhã and gave a firside to the members.  It was really awesome and the 3rd time in one week that I saw him.  Because we had zone conference this week too.  It was a lot of fun and I met about 20 new elders all from the south that I had never met before.  We found a new investigator this week and she is being taught in english, because I don´t speak her other language--Persian.  She is from Iran.  Way neat, I know.  She used to be muslim, but she didn´t like it.  She is a student here at the local university.  We gave her a Book of Mormon in Persian, it was some insane writing.  It goes like this: We speak in english, she reads in Persian and we read in Portuguese...nice little language triangle there.  We found another new investigator named Igor, he is 16 and a real good kid and really religious for his age.  He is reading and praying and is supposed to get baptized this weekend, so we have a lot of work to do.  HE needs a good strong answer and testimony because he will bring the rest of his family with him and it will be exactly what Covilhã needs to take that big step forward and grow like crazy.  How are things back home?  Anything new?  My darn debit card won´t work and I can´t ever pull out money from ATMs so it is difficult.  Also, did you ever send a package?  And when because I never got it and I fear the bloody mail system here deprived me of the love of my family and stuff...let me know.  But, yeah let me know if you ever hear anything cool. Work sounds like it is a blast, really busy as I remember.  Well, I love you and I sent a letter home today for the rapazes (boys).  I love you all!

Elder Peacock

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