Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...9/26/2011

We had an ok week.  We had a baptism marked an were supposed to baptize on Sunday, but it didn´t happen.  This is actually the second week in a row that this has happened.  Presidente Torgan always says if we´re not baptizing it´s because we have 2 problems in our area -- me and my companion, but in this case we have 3 problems -- me and my companionS.  But it is disappointing.  I feel like I failed the Lord and these people.  But, we just have to figure out what we need to do better.  That first part sounds all sad, but I am good.  Just got to go repent and find the person who is ready for baptism.

I am so excited for conference this week.  It is my favorite time of year.  Things are going good here.  It was a good week that should of ended with a baptism, so without that it was just a normal week.  Ok I am glad you haven´t sent the package, only because I thought you did send it and it got lost.  Puxa!  But yeah get that bad boy in the mail when you can.  Don´t forget the pictures.  Sounds like everyone is doing good.  That is awesome about Adam and Nat and the new baby.  And Sam in Provo, that is way sweet.  Where is Trevor?  I was going to tell you, I know the perfect person to set him up on a date with...Jen Lee!  Remember her?  I know it sounds like I might be joking, but it´s true.  She is way awesome and a great friend and could help  him a lot if he were in Provo to meet a lot more people.  But yeah...just the good ole usual stuff.  How is the gym coming along?  Oh yeah, Niaz the muslim girl from Iran we marked her for baptism last night...October 8th.  We teach her in English, this is so crazy.  She had such a hard time accepting that God has a body, because her whole life she was taught that he was just a power and force.  But things are going good.  She felt really worried and unprepared when we told her October 8th for baptism.  But, we bore our testimonies that it is revelation from God and then we all prayed and afterwards she smiled and said I feel a lot better.  Bonus :)  That is about it, you should get my letters I sent here in a couple days.  I love you all...enjoy Conference.  I have a really good feeling about this weekend.  I just want to hear what the Prophet has to tell us and I know that I am going to hear a talk this weekend that will speak directly to me.  I love you!

Elder Peacock

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