Sunday, January 8, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...12/19/2011

This week was fun.  Like I said, last week we went to Lisboa on Monday, loved it!  It was cool, but this week went by really fast.  Not a ton of great stuff happened until yesterday.  We are still working with our beloved investigators Joaquim and Paula.  They are the greatest, they are already family, I told them I am coming back to visit them.  But They are marked for baptism January 1st, they want to be baptized really badly, only problem they aren´t legally married and Joaquim isn´t ready to make this commitment again because of a horrible experience.  But we are working on it, Paula really wants to get married and be baptized, she cried the other day because she wants to be baptized so dearly.  I have never prayed so much, to do all the paper work it takes about 10 days for the marriage stuff.  Time is ticking and so crucial.  We had a lesson on Thursday and talked about marriage and the member we brought with us said something that hurt them (oh critters!!!) so we tried to call Paula on Saturday, didn´t answer, called again...nothing, so we were in the nieghborhood so I felt like we have to pass by, so we did.  We got there and they were just so happy, and explained that they weren´t able to answer.  But they said they were going to surprise us and come to church still, I looked at them seriously and said "I don´t like surprises" as I tried to keep a serious face.  But it is good we are making progress with them, slower then I want at this time but we are just going to have to attack the with the holy spirit!  Great people, PRAY FOR THEM!  They are so important and the GOD I know is very powerful and a GOD of miracles so HE has something planned for them that is perfect.  Our job...find out what it is, and do it!  Sunday we found a couple that had been taught in the past and after 3 days of trying to get into their house, we finally managed, they were way cool and once we got in more and more people came too.  All in all, we left there with 8 new investigators and we will have a lesson with all 8 tonight, it was cool.

Well I am not sure what time I will be calling, I thought 2 pm my time ou seja 7 am your time, but it might be more like 11 am or 12 pm your time, just depends we are going to a couple different families that day and they both said we could use the phone.  But I will call, don´t worry.  As for my release date, ha I don´t know, I was thinking about writing to the First Presidency to see if at the end of my time here if they could just send me to BRASIL for 2 years.  We´ll see ;) I don´t know when I am coming home, it´s December of 2012, but it will be before Christmas, that I know.
Well Mom I love you, my advice is just pray cause the LORD knows, but you already know this.  D&C 112:10, short but true.  Do what makes you happy.
I love you and we´ll talk to you soon I guess...
Elder Peacock

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