Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...12/13/2011

Well this past week was good, and this week is good, too.  This Thursday officially makes it ONE YEAR!  It is so crazy how fast time has gone by.  I can easily say it has been the best year yet, but 2012 is going to be better.  The year of 2011 I did not see my family, weird.  So yeah, Christmas calls will be on the 25th and I will call around 7:00 your time.  What number should I call?  Make sure you include the number, too, (just to make sure) in case my memory fails me.  That's crazy that Daniel is at home, strangely I had the feeling that that had happened though, because I stopped getting the emails from his parents.  Send him my love.

Well, yesterday I made my first trip to LISBON, oh my gosh, was it the sweetest thing ever!  Lisbon was like a different world and was a lot different than I imagined.  It was huge, first of all.  Super pretty, the weather was amazing.  I really want to go back, it was so cool.  But the train and bus and metro stations there were a lot more hectic, and somewhat confusing.  Well, we had our Christmas conference and it was the coolest thing ever...160 missionaries all in the same place.  So many names and faces that I didn´t know, but a lot of old faces that I knew really well, too.  It was super fun, we should have Christmas more often just to have conferences like that :)  When we arrived we got to hear from Élder José Teixeira (member of the 70, and our area authority, and from Lisbon) and his wife, they were awesome.  Then we had an amazing lunch that was provided for us, and made with lots of love, and served with love, too.  Then we had each zone sing their own version of a Christmas song, it was way funny.  Then we had a huge gift exchange and dessert.  It was so awesome, Presidente and Irmã Torgan put a lot of work into that for us.  Then before we were all leaving we got to hear Presidente Torgan speak a little more, I truly love him, he is so amazing and our modern day Captain Moroni, literally.  He is such a great example and truly loves us and you can feel it.  The last thing he said/did was gave us a priesthood blessing from the pulpit, the spirit was super strong, the perfect way to end that conference.  It was a good day.

So yeah, I am sure I will get the packages pretty soon, not sure if I will get them before Christmas or not, but sometime soon.  Happy Aniversary mom and dad :) well have a good week and I will talk to you guys in 12 days (of Christmas).

I love you!
Love Elder Peacock

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