Saturday, January 28, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...1/23/2012

Haha, I love Cameron stories.  That is so awesome, you will have to keep me updated for sure on his songs that he writes.  I like the picture of Caden and Tatum, they are so darn cute.  It makes me miss HS and dances and all that junk -- it was fun, I should have appreciated it more.  Get Caden and Zack playing basketball, please they need to play.  And as for Brigham, just tell him to have fun and relax.  Its a simple game.  Just pass, dribble, and shoot a lot.  Tell him he needs to shoot more (as close to the hoop as possible).  Well, it sounds like you had a good week of work at the dentist, I am glad that is going well.  How is dad doing?  How is work for him and school?

Well, we had a good week, we were really blessed.  First off, the recent convert that I told you about, Rossana, she is awesome and we finally met her parents.  Oh my gosh...well her mom is ready to be baptized and already has a testimony.  The dad is the problem, but he isn´t really a problem.  The whole week I thought the dad doesn´t like us or want to hear our message, Rossana thought the same thing.  But, when we got there, the dad was really quiet and closed off, but he is so awesome, and wants to change and everything was so much more open and receptive than everyone thought.  He is super nice and a really good person, and we are teaching them now and getting them ready for baptism.  He works a lot so our visits, sadly, are less often, but they are going to come to church.  It was a miracle, because the missionaries in the past tried with them, but they didn´t like it and stopped talking to the missionaries, but they are listening now.  Also, this week we met Ana.  We were walking on the street trying to talk to people and knock some doors, but nothing was working, so we decided to say a prayer and we knew of a bench close so we went that way.  There was nobody in sight, and we were in a big park thing, but then we finally saw somebody so we decided to go talk.  She was all alone and looked sad.  So I said, "Hello" and there was a stack of books next to her, literally a stack.  So I thought of the most obvious question I could, "Do you like to read?"  She got so excited and said, "YES" and started showing us all the books she had.  Then, we showed her the Book of Mormon and she was fascinated and asked where she could get one, and we replied, "It´s yours."  We taught her the first lesson and then invited her to come to church and to be baptized.  She accepted both and is coming to church and we have a lesson this Thursday, it was sweet!  Well that was my week.  I love you and hope everything is well back home.  Have a good week, I love you!

Elder Peacock

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