Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...1/17/2012

First of all, tell Dad to tell the Argyle family thanks for the package they sent me.  That was really nice of them, considering they don´t even know me.  The whole time I was wondering, I don´t know an Argyle family, let alone anyone from Alpine, and I know it can´t be somebody from the ward.  But tell them thanks.  Also, I got a package from Uncle Rick, it was sweet, he did way good.  Tell him thanks a bunch too :)

This last week was pretty good.  Yesterday we had a Zone Conference and you know what that means, Presidente Torgan!  Oh, he is so awesome, so inspiring, he truly brings the Spirit with him where ever he goes.  I love conferences just so we can hear him speak.  We learned a lot yesterday.

I can´t really think of too many other things that happened.  I am going to try and send my SD card home soon, it´s just a hassle sometimes to go to the post office because it is always super busy,
but I need to go so I can send that off.  This week we had a cool experience, there is a recent convert here in this branch, she is really awesome.  So friday, we were planning and thinking about people that we need to pass and get to know better.  So we prayed and we felt that we needed to start teaching the parents of this recent convert, her name is Rossana, the parents had come to church like 2 times, but the mom has been in bad shape for a little while because she broke her back.  But we knew we needed to talk to Rossana to set up an appointment.  So we called her and she said, "I was just about to call you guys -- how did you know?  I have been talking with my mom and she wants to start taking the missionary lessons, and I want to talk to you about my dad."  WHOA!  It was a huge blessing and we will be working on that now.  It was a neat experience.

I hope you have a good week, hit the gym hard.  Tell Caden to find some time in his busy schedule to write me back.  I loved Zack´s portion of the email.  Keep up the good work Zack!  I love you all!

Elder Peacock

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