Saturday, January 14, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...1/9/2012

This week was good.  I am destroying a book called History of the Church in the Fullness of Times.  It´s super good.  It´s basically about the history of this church in the fullness of times, aka right now.  It´s a seminary book that I found, it´s really good.  I am learning lots of stuff and loving it.  I am reading and reading more than I realize, 100 pages in the last 2 weeks, it´s a huge book.  I love reading about Joseph Smith because he truly is my hero.  I get to see first hand the prophecy from Moroni that Joseph´s name would be known for good and evil throughout the whole world.  Sadly, I get to see both the good and the evil, but as a missionary there is nothing I love more than testifying and standing up for the Prophet Joseph.  In the book it also saddens me that such elect people that got to SEE and HEAR so many things and spend so much time with Joseph would leave the church because of pride (Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon) but also, on the other hand, I love the other amazing examples of faithful servants (Heber C. Kimball, Hyrum Smith, and Brigham Young).  I love telling people that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God, because everytime I do I feel the spirit confirming my words, even in the face of opposition.  Nobody said it better than John Taylor, Doctrine and Covenants 135:3. 

We had some funny things that happened.  We helped a lady push her scooter on a super busy road because she ran out of gas.  When we caught up to her I thought she was about ready to die, I thought "oh gosh, we better help her."  Then we scared the critters out of this one guy.  We were running home one night (literally) so we could get home on time and follow the rules (ding) :), we turned a corner and there was a guy 15 feet in front of us and heard us running and turned around super quick and threw up his fists ready to brawl, ha I just laughed and said "good night" and then he smiled because he knew he looked like a goofball for doing that.  But other than that we had some really good lessons with Paula and Joaquim.  I gave Paula a blessing because she was sick (she cried) it was awesome :) she is so ready to get baptized.  I am glad Cam had a good birthday. Hopefully it snows so he can bust out the snowboard.  Dance or Die!!!  Well I know that prayer really does help.  This church is so true and so easy to see that it´s true that it is...obviously the only option. I love you!

Elder Peacock

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