Monday, February 27, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...2/27/2012

This week was pretty good.  We had a funny experience, I'll start with that.  So, on Saturday we went to a little town on the coast, a little fishing town called Furadouro.  Neat little place right on the ocean.  So we had to go there for a lesson.  Well, it was Saturday so the bus schedule was a little different and we missed the last bus back to São João.  Whoops.  But, there was one more bus that took us to another town called Ovar which was a little bit closer to home.  Furadouro was like 25 km from home and Ovar was like 20 from home.  So, we got to Ovar hoping for a little bit of luck with a train or bus, but nothing.  Well, there was a taxi, but obviously that was like the last resort because it was way expensive.  We tried to call a member that worked close, but he didn´t answer.  So, after 30 minutes of failed ideas, we resorted to the taxi.  We opened the door and the guy was super friendly telling us, "Oh, get in, get in" as we did.  We told him our destination and he started along, our destination was basically the chapel and we would walk from there, because it was managable and to save money.  So, we continued on our trip and we talked a little bit with our driver, super friendly and very kind.  He knew who we were, because he talked to the Elders in the past.  We asked about his family and work, etc.  Then he asked where we lived and we described it and we said we missed the last bus and such.  Then we got to our destination and instead of stopping and letting us out he...... turned off the money counter that told us how much we had to pay and said, "I will take you the rest of the way, no cost."  I was just like wow, we don´t deserve this!  Such a kind act, it was awesome and another reason why we love the Portuguese.
Paula and Joaquim are doing great.  Joaquim blessed the sacrament this week.  He was a little nervous and prepared all week, but it ran great.  We are going to their house tonight to eat and have FHE.  We are teaching Paula´s friend Samanta.  She is awesome and has two little kids that are just so funny and just always want to play.  General Conference is in a month, that was fast...seems like it just happened, but I am excited anyways.  Elder Vrooman is going to Lisboa this week to renew his visa, so I will be with the Porto Elders, it will be cool, it s a cool companionship ;) Well, I hope that everything is going good.
Well I love you...have a good week.
Elder Peacock

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