Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...3/5/2012

This week was really normal. I went to stay with the Porto Elders on Wednesday, it was pretty funny. I was with Elder Berg, funniest kid I know, and Elder Eriksson from Sweden, the tallest kid I know. It was fun. Sounds like you guys had a good time in F-town, that was probably fun to see all the family and what not. General Conference is like still 3 1/2 weeks away and I am way excited for it. I can´t wait to hear our Prophet. 

So, as I said I am excited for General Conference, so this week I found a couple past GC edition Ensigns and started reading the messages, I enjoyed it. I found a reoccurring theme; Suffering. That suffering is for our good, heck if it wasn´t for suffering and opposition, we would never experience the good and beautiful things in life. Many think that suffering is how God punishes us...that's not even close to true. It's through the rough times and the lowest moments that we learn the most and find out what we are really made of. God has to refine us so we can be the precious material that is worthy of entering in His kingdom and the presence of His glory. When we are low and in pain, that's when we remember God and how much we really need Him. Suffering is not punishment from God, it's a blessing, because without it, we would not be able to grow and progress. When in fact Jesus Christ, the only perfect being to ever on this earth, suffered more than anyone and more than anyone can even comprehend. Job and Joseph Smith would be next on the list for suffering a lot. But they understood that, if we are going to desire to be where Christ is, we are going to have to do what he did, keep the commandments, be baptized, be prayerful, be tempted, and suffer. I am grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and His perfect example, even in times of suffering. I am eternally grateful for His all encompassing and everlasting sacrifice for us. 

I love you,
Elder Peacock

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