Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...3/19/2012

Samanta's Baptism :)
Sounds like you guys had a good week.  Those pictures were awesome.  That looks like it was pretty fun.  I am pretty sure I went to the Church History Museum once when I was younger.  Temple square.....that is where I am going to be when I get back!  You didn't answer my question about the moving ideas and buying a house.  Where is Adam living?  How long have they been up there?  What else did you guys do with Rebecca and Clint?  Are they doing good?  What else did they say about Trent?  Our new mission president that comes in July has already been called, his name is Stephen L. Fluckiger, (careful with the last name).  He sounds pretty cool from what I have heard.  He and his wife both served in Brasil, bonus.  It will be so strange to have someone different.

This week was really good for us though.  We were super blessed.  Sacrament meeting was so good and we had a lot of people come.  Lúcia, from Venezuela came to church for the first time in like 20 years and she loved it.  Then, on Saturday, we had a baptism!  It was awesome, everything ran really well and smoothly, it was quite pleasant.  It was Samanta, she is a friend of Paula´s.  Funny story too.  They are friends and are taking a course together.  So, 4 years ago Samanta met the missionaries and took lessons, but she ended up moving and lost contact.  Then, she moved back here and was talking to Paula one day about the Elders, and Paula asked what do they do?  Then, a few days later, we knocked the door of Paula and Joaquim, and because Samanta talked so well about us and sparked an interest in Paula, Paula and Joaquim were eager to let us in.  We baptized Paula and Joaquim and we had only heard about Samanta and never met her at that time, so we got her address from Paula and went there.  Then Samanta was baptized.....and moral of the story is they helped each other get baptized.  Also, Joaquim gave his first talk in church this sunday too, it was stellar, no, really, he did super good -- I was well pleased.  Well, it was a great week, last week of the transfer too.

I love you,
Elder Peacock

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