Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...3/26/2012

Well, we had another good week.  We baptized Samanta´s daughter Flávia, 11 years old and I got to baptize her.  It was awesome.  I don´t think I have ever met anyone so excited to get baptized.  She was inviting tons of people and everything ran well.  Transfers came and went, and Elder Vrooman is leaving, going south and I am staying here with Elder Salmon.  He is from SLC, I think.  I met him a couple times, he's really nice.  Conference is next week, I am SO excited.  I can´t wait to be back home so I can go watch it live again. 

Well, I don´t have a lot of time for this week.  Hope everyone has a great week, let me know what you guys liked about temples!

I love you,
Elder Peacock

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