Sunday, April 29, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...4/2/2012

Well, as always, General Conference didn´t disappoint, it was utterly awesome!  I really liked it, so many good talks and good messages given to us.  It was pretty cool to when they did the callings and releasings they announced two significant names to Portugal; one, Stephen L. Fluckiger, was released as a area 70, and will soon be the new mission president here, and Moroni B. Torgan was called to be an area 70 who is the current President here.  It was pretty funny, Portugal is blessed.  That is way awesome you found a good way to help the boys sit down and watch conference.  I can´t wait to go back to the Conference center.  Well, last week I lied, Elder Salmon is not from Salt Lake, he is from Tampa, Florida.  He is great, we had a good week.  That was a cool story about the dinner with the lady dad knew from his mission.

Ha, I told you guys that you would like Prison Break, it is very interesting and funny that season 2 was in "Utah".  I was a little sad that no new temples were announced, but then again, they did say we have 136 in service and 30 under construction, which is pretty neat.  Well, how is the ward?  How is all the family?  Everything is going good here.  I really liked Elder Anderson´s talk and story about that family in Haiti, what a miracle.  I really enjoyed M. Russell Ballard´s also, basically he said if we (the world in whole) focused more on strengthening and creating a strong family then the world wouldn´t be passing through so many difficulties financially.  True.  I really like when Elder Russell M. Nelson said, "Some people still believe that we are here because of some big bang.  Do you think an explosion in a printing press could produce a dictionary?  And one that repairs and updates itself."  HAHA, it was priceless.  Elder Holland´s talk was super good as always, need I say.  Elder Uchtdorf´s two-word sermon, ha, and I thoroughly enjoyed Elder Donald H. Halstrom's talk, also.  I loved all of them and I can´t wait to get the Ensign/Liahona here in a month or so.  Well, I love you all so very much and I am indeed so very grateful for President Monson for being a true prophet and being the epitome of a follower of Christ, we are blessed to have the restored gospel and a revealer of truth.  I love you.

Elder Peacock

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