Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...10/1/2012

Well, this week was pretty cool.  We brought some really cool people to church, and we were really blessed in that aspect.  We are super stoked for conference and are hoping to get lots of people there for that.  We marked a couple people for baptism this week, too.  A lady named Graça, she is from Cabo Verde.  And another girl named Anica, also from Cabo Verde, she is really elect.  That´s cool you got a letter from Presidente Fluckiger.  Did he say anything else?  Yeah, I am district leader, I guess.  All I have to do is talk on the phone more with other missionaries, it´s okay.  You should be getting my flight plans really soon.  Let me know if you haven´t received them by next week so I can notify the office.  I got the letter from Brigham and Cameron.  I liked it a lot and I will try and write them back and get it sent off this week.  That´s cool about the house, you should find something cool.  And thanks for getting the dentist thing under control.  Rui is going to be baptized (we think) the first week of November.  We are just waiting for his girlfriend´s dad to come here to baptize him.  So that will be really cool.  That´s kind of a silly story about Caden, but kind of funny.  Let me know my flight plans when you get them, and anything else that´s cool.  Well, I hope you guys have a good week, btw you don´t have to keep reminding me about the time I have left :) it will go by fast.  Make sure you have everyone watch conference and then tell me their favorite speaker from this one.  I am so stoked about new temples and new stuff.  I love general conference.  I love you.

Elder Peacock

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  1. Well, this certainly is a cute letter and I think “Elder Peacock” is very excited since he is stoked about a lot of things. Good luck with the baptism.


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