Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letter from Elder Peacock...9/24/2012

Thanks a ton for the money.  I guess I will tell you what we used it for.  Um, we have a really sweet golf course in our area, so yeah, you we went golfing.  It was pretty sweet.  A really fun experience.  Elder Wilson is pretty good, he beat me, but only by a little.  How is everything going back home?  So you guys went down to STG for the show??  It was cool right?  I miss STG.  Yeah, Daniel better be there when I get home.  I was thinking, too, when I get home like within the first 2 days or so I would really like to go to the denist and orthodonist.  Well,  this week was pretty cool.  We are finding lots of cool people with lots of potential.  We found a cool guy on Saturday that came to church and liked it.  Elder Wilson is really cool and helping like Costa a lot more, he loves this place.  Well I hope all is well back home.  Send me a longer email next week :) I will try and write Caden and Zack, too.  I love you.

Elder Peacock

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  1. You got money from whom? and yes nothing is better than spending it on sport as it keeps you healthy as well. Thank you for sharing your experience with us


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