Friday, July 30, 2010

Called To Serve...Portugal Porto Mission

The delicate opening of the large white envelope (with the sharpest kitchen knife in the house).

Skyler totally cheated and skimmed through the letter to see where he was going. 
This big smile indicated he was ever so thrilled with what he read.

Play by play reaction to the awesome is where he read that he reports to the MTC on December 15th.  A slight disappointment, only because he is ready to go NOW!  He now understands that this is for the best - to give him time to prepare, and even squeeze in a semester at UVU :)

Skyler checking out the map of the country of Portugal.  It seems to include an island off the coast named Madeira, which is to the south west of the country.  We'll see if he gets to go there...

I took a picture with my camera, I should probably scan it and insert it...but here is the official call,
signed by the Prophet!

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