Sunday, December 12, 2010

The First Big Day -- Mission "Farewell"

We had a pretty amazing day!  Skyler gave a wonderful talk on "Recognizing the Spirit".  We were all so impressed by him.  I had many people comment on how good he did, and that they even choked up! (*tear)  He is an awesome young man and will do well on his mission.  I held up better than I anticipated.  I visioned myself crying throughout the entire talk, but amazingly, I only cried toward the end when Skyler bore his testimony.  It is wonderful to see your children grow and mature and develop into the people you always hope they will  become.  I am so thankful that Skyler has fulfilled my motherly expectations, and will continue to amaze me!  My son is a spiritual giant and will touch many souls!

I let Cameron take some pictures, and this is what he shot........I think he has a future. (wink, wink)  We had roughly 50-60 people come by the house after the meeting, but I forgot to get the camera out (doh!).

As you can see from some of these pics, we are all pretty crazy. 

Yes, KK always smiles like that ;)

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