Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Second Big Day -- The MTC!!!

AAAHHH!!!  So the day started off pretty well -- kids got to say their "good-bye's" before heading out the door for school.  Matt and I took Skyler to lunch at Tucano's with Mike and Jen, and ate til we were stuffed!  Then headed off to the MTC.  We stopped off at the Provo Temple to take a couple pics with Skyler, as our Stake Pres had recommended, and ran into about 4 other families doing the same thing.  They must send out a memo on that (?).  Then we loaded back up in the car to head to the MTC.  They have it pretty well down to a science over there.  As you pull in, they are directing the cars to the designated drop-off areas, and I must say, this curbside drop-off is as busy as any airport I've ever been to (I should've taken a picture -- there were literally hundreds of missionaries)!  They finally have us pull up the curb and Matt jumps out and grabs his bags as I try to pull myself together to give my son a decent "good-bye" without blubbering too hard (didn't happen).  The "Host" missionaries are there ready to greet their new "Green Elder" and whisk him away into his new home for the next 2 months.  I am so thankful that everything to this point has gone well and know that he will adjust to his new missionary existence.  We are TRULY BLESSED!!!

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