Saturday, December 18, 2010

WAHOO!!! First EMAIL from Elder Peacock!


Wow, the MTC is amazing, I thought that it was going to my least favorite thing but i actually love it. The spirit is so strong here and you can literally feel it 24/7 its amazing. The first few days have been a little crazy just because we are all new and have so many things we need to grasp right now. My companion is Elder Park, he is from New Mexico and he is great. I really love my district. There are 11 of us total and all of them are so awesome. We spend about 85% of the day in the classroom. The food is ok not my favorite, i just stick to one decent sized portion and water, I haven't even had soda or juice just water. Also I haven't even had a cookie or a doughnut. I will not be getting fat (let caden know). I have seen quite a few people (elders) i know. Ethan Bowler, Nathan Findley, Kyler Waler, and also four others from pine view. I really don't think that i have every been so happy the MTC is just really great but I still can't wait to get to Portgual. The language is coming pretty good i can say quite a few things and already pray in Portuguese. All of the Elders in my district are just so awesome we are all really great friends already. We get along so great and have so many spiritual experiences together and we just do a great job of helping each other grow and become better teachers.

I miss all of you dearly but I do not feel homesick at all mostly because i have no time to think about it because we are so busy and all push each other to stay on task. Also i pray constantly to be comforted and not to worry about my family. I get to e-mail once a week so that is how often you will hear from me.

Caden-I miss you and hopefully you are enjoying my bed because I miss it greatly when i actually get to sleep.

Zack-oh man i miss you so much buddy i hope you are enjoying having your own room and i hope school is good.

Brigham- Brother Brigham, How you doing?? i miss you so much i hope you are having fun with chip 'n dale and i want you to know how much i love you.

Cameron AKA (chonka, Chuka, Chumlee etc.) oh i miss how eager you were to leave to go to school everyday even when you had a whole hour to wait, hopefully that will never change.

I love you Dad, Mom, Caden, Zack, Brigham, and Cameron so very much and want you to be safe in everything you do.

All the best,
Elder Peacock


  1. I'm excited for you to get to serve a foreign mission. You'll love it. Love ya! Uncle Rick.

  2. I am so excited for you, Elder Skyler... I will miss talking to you about the Jazz, but I will watch the games for you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas in the MTC--what a place to really catch the spirit of the reason for the season


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