Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...3/28/2011

Yeah -- this week has flown by for me, too.  It was a good week though and we met some way cool people.  We met this guy yesterday who is the biggest collector I have ever seen, it was crazy.  He had collections of everything -- rocks, bugs, model planes and cars, and his biggest and most precious was coins.  He had 10's of thousands of coins, it was unreal and from so many different countries.  He had so many sweet coins from the US and he gave us a few coins from 1800 Portugal.  They are so cool and the coolest part was how organized it was.  But this last week was way good and there is this way nice little soccer field we go to in the morning to excercise and stuff, it's pretty sweet.  That's good that you have been working out still, don't stop.  Anything new or exciting happen?  The jazz suck....they might draft Jimmer though ;) so that would be cool.  Um, that's the craziest final 4 ever.  Ha, it sounds like it was so sweet though.  It's just too bad BYU couldn't make it.  I hate to say it, but dad was right and BYU is sounding more and more inviting every day, mostly because of all the elders I meet that are going to go there, but we'll see :) I have been trying to take pictures I have taken a few, but not a ton, but I will try to take a bunch this week and get it sent home.  Everything is going good here.  How is all the family?  Candice and Paul, Adam and Natalie, Rick, Jacob, Ben, G & G's, Serena & Blake, Trevor and oh, Sam is almost a dad!  I love you and hope everything is going well, stay safe, oh yeah and I am so excited for General Conference -- it's going to be awesome!


Elder Peacock

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