Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...4/4/2011

This last week was the best.  We had some way good lessons with our investigators and got a new one.  Then we had General Conference.  We watched it at the stake center.  It was so good!!!  I have always loved Conference, but I never really understood how big and how much it really means.  It was so awesome to hear from the Prophet and the apostles.  I was not even in the same country, yet I could feel how much love President Monson truly does have for us.  Being out of Utah and removed from all the comforts of home has forced me to view Conference in a whole different way.  It was so much more than just looking forward to it.  I needed to hear each of those talks and for each of those two hour sessions, it was the most important thing in the world.  I loved each talk and got so much out of every single one!  Yesterday we brought an investigator to the Sunday morning session (but it was 5 pm for us) after it was over we asked how she liked it and she said it was really good.  Then we asked if she had any questions about it and she got a big smile and said yes, but we are going to have to sit down.  She told us to come over on Wednesday and we are going to.  I can´t wait to hear her questions because she heard some pretty amazing things and I know she felt the Spirit, because I felt the Spirit so strongly and it was by far my most favorite conference yet.  I can´t wait for the next one and I don´t know how to explain why it was so different, but maybe just being removed from Utah, where you are surrounded by members and chapels and temples then being placed here among the 10 million catholics with no temples helped me appreciate it so much more and realize the great importance and worth and privilege.  But it sounds like everyone is doing good.  I love you all so much and I am thankful for the Conference we had and it inspired me to be better in every aspect.  I loved every time they talked about temples and families because it made me think of you and how thankful I am to have the most amazing family that I have.  I am thankful that God loves us and has given us temples where we can be sealed to our families for eternity, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Elder Peacock

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  1. Can Elder Peacock read these comments? Even if he can't, I'm sure enjoying his letters. Thanks for posting them, and keep up the good work Elder Peacock! - Aunt KK


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