Friday, April 15, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...4/11/2011

Thats awesome!  I have been thinking a lot about G&G Carr´s temple work getting done, that is going to be so cool!  That´s crazy about everyone getting married.  In all the letters and stuff I get from other friends I hear about all these people from high school getting married.  Things are going good, last week was transfer week and I am still in Matosinhos with Elder Pilz, which is great because I was not ready to leave.  Not a lot happened this last week.  We had to fix our washing machine with super glue, which was fun and is still holding.  Sacrament meeting was good.  It was fast and testimony meeting and I bore my testimony and everybody told me how good I did and how I´m already speaking so good -- it is quite funny...I live for their praise ;)  Today we played soccer for a good little while in Parque da Cidade.  It was so hot and I got a nice European sunburn.  I say European, because they don´t hurt or peel, it is just a little red and much nicer.  Everything is going really good.  The language is coming well and my understanding is better than my speaking, but that´s a good thing, as long as I can understand what they are saying.  But, I love you and stay safe.


Elder Peacock

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