Monday, April 18, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...4/18/2011

That is so cool about the Hagler's, that is going to be so awesome.  That is also so sweet about Parker Harmon.  São Paulo...he is going to love it and baptize so many people.  Brasileiros are the best, and he gets to speak Portuguese also!  Ha, it's funny when I type and say like Portuguese or São Paulo.  I started typing in Portuguese, but I erased it.  Everything is going really well here.  Yesterday after lunch we decided to go knocking doors and we got into this huge building that had like 60 apartments, so we knocked them all.  We finally came to this one and this lady answered the door, and we did our thing, and she did her´s.  We asked her about her religion and she said something weird I had never heard of (the only word I remember was spiritual).  But, we asked if she believed in God and Jesus Christ, and she said yes, so she is on the right track in that sense.  But, we continued to talk to her and she was so nice.  I asked if we could leave a little book with her and she said yes, so I grabbed it (I keep the little books tucked inside the Book of Mormon I carry around when we go knocking) and I handed it to her and she recognized the word "Mormon" on the BOM, and asked if we were Mormons we replied yes, and then she told us that she had a friend back in Brasil who is Mormon.  It was so awesome because when she was telling us about her friend I could feel the spirit really strong.  So we asked if we could come back and share a message with her and her husband and she said yes, and gave us her phone number.  And that is why Brasileiros are the best -- they are just so nice and friendly and relaxed.  But I hope everything is going well.  I love you all.

Love, Elder Peacock

P.S. thanks for the package...

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