Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...5/16/2011

Sounds like the drive-in movie would have been really fun.  I did get my Easter package...a few weeks ago.  Thank you!  The next package you send you have to please send me BURTS BEES WAX because I only have 2 left.  Please don´t forget it.

Glad you got to see the pictures of me singing.  It was pretty scary because we had to give a musical number with just the 3 of us, and they can sing, but I can´t.  It is hard for me to talk in front of people let alone sing in front of people. So needless to say, it was not easy, but I just did it because that is what missionaries do...they just do NIKE.  I won´t say it was fun, but it was a pleasant experience I guess, and everybody was nice and said it was good as they should have :)
Last Friday, I think, yeah friday...we were at our chapel and the senior couple the McConkies showed up.  I don´t know if I have told you this before, but we have a senior couple Elder and Irmã (Sister) McConkie.  And it is pretty cool because they have the same last name as Bruce R. McConkie...really neat.  Actually, Bruce R. is Elder McConkie´s dad, it is so cool.  So Irmã M had to do something so we had the opportunity to talk to Elder M. and oh my, it was so awesome!  I have never met anyone so brilliant.  He taught us so much stuff and it was just crazy, but it all made sense and was some deep doctrine.  It was awesome and one of the coolest experiences!
This morning we got transfer calls in Matosinhos!  But, the cooler part is that I am getting a new companion, Elder Wheatley.  Which is so cool -- he is awesome!  We were in the MTC together and even shared a room in the MTC.  So we know each other and get along really good.  I am excited because we are both about the same with our mission knowledge, so this is going to give us both a great chance to grow and learn the language better.  He is so awesome, he is from Virginia, pretty close to the DC temple and I am just stoked!  It is kind of sad because Elder Pilz is going away, but we knew it was going to happen.  He is going to Gaia, which is on the south side of the Douro River (South Porto) and he is going to be a Zone Leader there, which is great for him.  But, I am way excited and this is the last transfer before the missions combine.  But everything else is going good, let me know of anything fun or cool that happens back home. I love you!!!


Elder Peacock

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