Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Pictures from Portugal...

I found a couple pictures of Elder Peacock on the Porto Mission blog and wanted to share them with all of you....Sadly, he still hasn't been able to send any pictures home yet.

"There is definitely some musical talent in the North Zone. With Elder Whitaker on the piano, Elders Peck, Pilz, and Peacock impressed us with a hymn at the zone conference."  [This kinda cracks me up, but I am so glad to see Elder Peacock being such a good sport.  Let's just say he has truly grown!]

"We definitely opened all the doors before we had the missionaries remove their socks and shoes. Elders Stewart, Ells, Peacock, Pilz, and Peck show us any foot problems they may be having at the moment."  [They perform "Foot Checks" of all the elders to make sure they don't have any blister, fungus, or ingrown toenails.  Elder Peacock is not a "foot" person, so this must have taken some definite restraint on his part to have all the bare feet all around him.] 

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