Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...5/2/2011

Well, the missions officially combine July 1st.  Last week we learned a lot about it and it sounds like it is going to be awesome!  President Torgen sounds so cool, and plus he is Brasilian, so it is a given.

Yeah I heard about OBL.  That is pretty cool, but hopefully they don´t try and retaliate.  I read a little article about it and it quoted Obama a lot and it got really confusing between the names -- Barack Osama and Obama Bin Laden...see what I mean?  But the good news is, I am still funny :) This last week was good.  We worked really hard because we set some big goals as a district, but it was good.  So yeah, I will try and figure out the calling thing.  I will try the number you gave me and I was just going to buy a calling card, too, but I will figure it out. 

I started reading (well, more like I just read wherever I feel like that day) in Our Heritage and Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith in Portuguese.  So, I just find a spot to read in those books every day and I´ve been learning a lot more about Joseph Smith and the early years of the church.  And I am also reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, so yeah, I don´t even read in English anymore, only the emails.  And last week we had training and we learned about John Tanner.  It was really cool to learn about him and his faith and all he was willing to consecrate because of the truthfulness that he knew.  And it made me think how there is always more you can do and give.  I think one of the first things I want to do when I get back home is go through the temple.  And I want to go through the Salt Lake temple again.  Something weird...I turn 20 in like a month and 3 weeks -- it is crazy...I have to grow up.  I hope the working out is going good, and that is another thing I will be doing when I get home for sure.  I am not getting fat (don´t worry) but, I am pretty weak and am lacking in the muscle department.  But I hope everything is great and Ii love you and I will talk to you on Sunday.


Elder Peacock

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