Monday, May 9, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...5/9/2011

[We had a wonderful Mother's Day call from Elder Peacock on Sunday 5/ this email was really short.  He sounded amazing, and like he has matured about 5 years.  He is loving his mission and has such a love for the people of Portugal.  He told me that "only 2 more calls home and I'll be home -- well, a few months later."  Still unsure on if he will make it home before Christmas 2012, so it actually could be 3 calls home.  We are so impressed with his service and dedication to the church and to the Lord.] 

Not a whole lot to say because I said it all yesterday and then some.  We get transfer calls in a week and I'm pretty excited -- I will be good with whatever comes to pass.  Things are going good for me.  I told the Rissi family "thank you" and they said "of course!"  They are great people [The Rissi family feeds Elder Peacock and his companion Elder Pilz EVERY Sunday -- cool, huh?].  I was glad to hear from everybody yesterday.  But, take care and I will treat everybody to a really good email next week!  Let me know of ANYTHING cool that happens with ANYBODY back there.

Love you,

Elder Peacock

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