Monday, July 4, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...6/27/2011

Last week was really good.  My birthday just happens to fall on a Portuguese holiday called São João, so we went to the chapel that night for a ward party while the members celebrated.  We ate sardines that night, and alot of them.  They were really good and it was pretty fun and there was fireworks.  Besides that though, it was a really good week.  We went around trying to find some less active members.  We found a name of this one lady named Rosângela and decided to pass her by.  She wasn´t we went by the next day and she answered the door.  She told us how she works everyday and all day but that day her boss let her off early, which she said never happens.  So we ended up meeting with her again and invited her to church and she came.  Really great lady with a really strong testimony, too.
Sounds like you guys had an awesome week though.  The time in the temple sounded amazing!  I am so happy that everybody got to be there and participate in that.  I can only imagine how awesome of an experience it was.  That´s awesome that you got a new car.  You should send me pictures of it.  Thanks for the package too, the gatorade is delicious and the Burtsbees wax...priceless.  I got a letter from Chandis, which was really nice surprise.  I´ll write Candice & Paul back this week for sure.  I hope you guys are all doing well.  I need one thing when you can get around to it...I need a blue Jimmer Fredette jersey shirt (says Brigham Young on the front with 32, then 32 on the back with Fredette) size large, and blue not white.  Just when you can get around to it.  Also you need to tell people to start sending stuff to the Lisbon address, you got that email right?  Just put it on FB, maybe I´ll get some random letters (I would not be opposed).  Well, I love you all and hope everything is going well.  Always remember that it is the plan of happiness, so we have to be happy.

I love you,

Elder Peacock

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