Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...7/6/2011

How was the 4th of July?  Did you guys go do some fun stuff, see some fireworks and eat some good food?  I hope you had a good 4th.  This last week was really good, but these last two days (Monday and Tuesday) we had mission conference in Porto.  We had conference with the whole Porto 70 missionaries, and the big event of the two days was the combine of the two missions into one.  So I am officially a "Lisbon Portugal" far it´s really good.  We met Presidente e Irmã Torgan on Monday for the first time.  And he is amazing!  I don´t even know how to describe how awesome it was.  He is from Brasil.  He has a Wikipedia page you can read a little about him, Moroni Bing Torgan is his name.  He has so much faith and is so dedicated to doing this work.  His big rule is do the will of the Lord.  He has had a lot of success down in Lisbon and knows this whole country is going to have the opportunity to have the success.  After leaving these two days of conference, I have never felt so much desire and eagerness to do this work.  He brings the best out in his missionaries and is helping me be so much better.  He truly does it with his example and leads us.  We got a few new rules from him and do lots of things differently, and he expects a lot out of us, because the Lord expects a lot out of us.  But I am so happy for this opportunity and I am willing to make more sacrifices and have more rules because I know that we will be blessed and see more success from it.  We also got to meet a couple missionaries from Lisbon and they are beasts in the forms of Missionaries; some of the best missionaries I have ever seen hands down.  I am excited to learn from them.  I truly can´t explain how grateful I am for this opportunity to serve in Portugal, but to also serve with Presidente mission is going to be better and I will have more success because of his dedication and example and what he expects of me.  I learned so much the last two days and have learned so many things that I can do to be better and have greater success.  Bem.
It sounds like you had a fun week and that firework that Caden made sounded....exactly like Caden, it was so funny -- I was dying.  Hopefully everybody can overcome the sickness.  Glad you are enjoying the new car.  Send me some pictures, se faz favor, I would love to see some.  Have a good week!

I love you,

Elder Peacock

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