Sunday, November 6, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...10/17/2011

Well, actually I didn´t get transferred and neither did any of my companions, so all of us are still here for the next six weeks.  I was a little surprised because I thought something would change for sure, but nope. Yeah, you don´t have to worry about typing long emails I actually look forward to reading them, so make them as long as possible.  That´s funny that not only did Caden need glasses, but he was super blind.  I had no idea.  Send me a picture of him with his glasses.  As for our eating schedule, we make a big lunch everyday and when we get home at 9:30 we have a little snack or something before bed.  We eat good.  We don´t get fed by the members very much here, mostly because there aren´t too many members and some live kind of far away, so it is harder to visit them.  Usually, at least once a week though, some one will feed us.  This week was pretty good.  I liked it.  Well, Sunday was good because that´s when all the good stuff happened.  After lunch on Sunday we went to this bairro/neighborhood place that is inhabited by a huge gypsie family.  We talked to them on Thursday for the first time and decided to go back yesterday.  They are all really funny.  But this time there was like 6 people we hadn´t met previously and they didn´t know or understand who we were.  So one of them asks for one of our bibles and starts reading John ch. 1 and I was like, ok now I know what is going on, he thinks we are Jehovah´s witness peeps.  He did his little speel then we were like, oh yeah, we know that Jesus is God and that He is Jehovah from the Old Testament.  The whole time I was just like, dude I know who Jesus is, don´t worry.  So, after we explained who we were and our beliefs he was just like, oh shoot ugh...I was confused "whoops" look on his face.  But it was pretty funny.  And then all of a sudden he wanted to show us his bible in his car, and that´s when we learned he had lost his keys.  So for the next 2 1/2 hours we searched everywhere with 35 gypsies for these keys.  It´s really hard to describe this story, but just trust me it was easily one of the best stories of my mission yet.  So, finally we found the keys.  Some guy took them on "accident" and left with them.  But during the searching time they kept asking us to pray about where the keys were.  My favorite part was when the mom of the guy who lost the keys was going crazy, she just kept swearing and kept saying and I quote/translate to english, "demons, demons this is only something demons would do, ughhh!!!" so funny.  But we found them and everyone was so happy and was giving us hugs and stuff as we left.

Earlier during the week we had a couple contact us so after the party with the gypsies we went to Angela and Paulo´s house.  It went good...we just wanted to talk for 3-4 minutes and marked another time to come back.  Even better, we ended up teaching the restoration and Angela was feeling the spirit.  It was so awesome the spirit was so strong and it was one of my favorite lessons yet.  Angela was crying lots of happy tears.  And Paulo was feeling the spirit too, and said he was feeling really good and he was thinking about God for the first time in a long time.  And he said, "I have been having some problems and I didn´t know what I could do but I never thought God could help me."  SO sick lesson.  Well, that was the highlight of my Sunday afternoon :)  Keep working hard at the gym. I love you all, give Dad a nice big hug for me and tell him Happy Birthday.  Please keep my companion Joshua Ells in your prayers this week :)

Elder Peacock

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