Sunday, November 6, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...10/24/2011

Well, we had a pretty normal week, nothing super exciting.  Except for the huge Brasilian family of 7 people that we found and we´re teaching now.  They are so funny and super nice.  They have 5 kids which is huge for over here.  This week we went to Coimbra to have zone conference, it was really good.  Funny story, on the way home we were driving and we made a wrong turn and it was impossible to turn around, so it took 40 minutes to get back to where we were and then we did the exact same thing again.  Added a nice 1 1/2 hours onto a 3 hour trip.  It was funny though.  Pretty normal week though.  The weather finally changed here, and drastically.  Wednesday was bloody hot, Thursday we were in Coimbra all day and Friday was cold and it rained all Saturday and Sunday.  But, I hope everything is going good, I'll write more next week :)  I love you all!

Elder Peacock

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